Are your quotations free?

Yes, not only is the quote FREE, but we also do coloured drawings showing the proposed kitchen from different angles. You will hopefully find us very friendly. We are not aggressive sales people, and offer you the FREE quote and drawings with no obligation.

How much does the kitchen cost?

There are so many variables in choosing a new kitchen, that the price can vary considerably. However, we are confident that whatever your budget we can design and fit a kitchen that you will be proud of.

What happens if any of the appliances fail?

We only use branded appliances which all come with a manufacturers guarantee, If for any reason you do experience a problem, then just contact the manufacturer directly, or Southbank Kitchens for guidance and help resolving the problem.

Can I purchase a single item and fit it myself?

Yes, we can supply you anything to do with kitchens, whether it is a single handle, a cabinet door hinge, a piece of plinth, or even a giant range cooker.